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12.05.14 NEW : ‘BEEF WITH BASIL’ 3KG - available as of present

Travel to a new destination of Delasia :
Beef with Basil
Let Delasia carry you away to the Thai paradise and discover this new Thai recipe lightly spiced which combines the richness of fine slices of tender sautéed beef with basil, red peppers, onions and green beans, along with

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21.03.14 NEW : ‘Bombay Chicken’ 3KG - available as of present

Welcome on the journey to spices with Delasia :
Bombay Chicken
Enjoy a gentle spring whilst discovering our new Indian recipe. This delicious recipe from south-western India conveys the richness of the spices. Prepared according to the traditional Indian method, with diced

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25.01.14 NEW : ‘CHICKEN TERIYAKI’ 3KG - available as of present

There is something new at Delasia :
Chicken Teriyaki
Dedicated to discover new culinary horizons, we are launching today a new taste from Japanese cuisine. This Japanese recipe, subtle and rich with a variety of spices, delicately blends tender morsels of fillet of chicken,

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25.09.13 NEW : ‘NOODLES WOK WITH VEGETABLES AND CHICKEN’ 2KG - available as of present

Discover your last-minute trip to a new destination of Delasia :
Noodles wok with Vegetables and Chicken
Enjoy a gentle autumn whilst discovering our new fine Chinese recipe which consists of wok-sautéed fine noodles to which tender morsels of chicken are addded, garnished with

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