Delasia is a major player in the exotic pre-cooked meals market. A modern partner, at the service of the retailers, the company trades in numerous European countries.

Delasia’s beginnings are a human adventure. An adventure that started in the 90s for four young entrepreneurs who shared a passion for Asian cuisine.
Their project: to create completely fresh, ready-to-eat pre-cooked meals that make a change from the everyday. So the team set about developing their unique knowledge of authentic Asian recipes. A daring challenge to set themselves in a newly-emerging market, and one which would make Delasia a pioneer in this field.

The desire to constantly do better 

This passion is still there today. Only the means of production have changed, in order to respond to the soaring enthusiasm for cuisines of the world. A development carried out without compromising on quality, thanks to precise knowledge of the market, ultra-modern production facilities and a policy of continual investment. Based in Belgium, the company offers a varied range of Chinese, Indian and Thai dishes combining the exotic and the convenient.